• Image of Space + Time by Ken Leslie
  • Image of Space + Time by Ken Leslie
  • Image of Space + Time by Ken Leslie

Institute 193 has consigned several titles from the Atlanta Contemporary for our ongoing retail pop-up SUMMER SHOP, including this artist book by Ken Leslie published by Nexus Press.

"The world exists to be put into a book' is an oft-cited quote from Stephane Mallarme. But what world? And what book? The freshness of Ken Leslie's vision sweeps his world into view and shapes its presentation into a book that is formally sophisticated yet guilelessly self-evident. Leslie shows us his domestic domain in Vermont, photographed from a standing point that pivots through the 360 degrees of the year to make a panorama that collapses home and day, point of view and full horizon. At once a bounded universe of personal position and the infinite horizon of cycles and change, this book's reflexive structure folds that universe back on itself, using its circular form as an instrument for visual comparison. A finely manifest, deceptively simple, skillfully designed work, quite replete and complete, this is an exemplary engagement of an artist with innovation in a book structure." -Johanna Drucker

Space + Time by Ken Leslie
Published by Nexus Press (Atlanta), 2002
24 pages in cmyk, accordion-folded circle housed in paper case, 8-pt. matte-coated Somerset.
21 x 18 cm
Edition of 2000